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The Invisible Hand (CD)

Image of The Invisible Hand (CD)

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The debut Gav Prentice album 'The Invisible Hand' shows a darker and angrier side to his writing than his band project Over The Wall has previously explored.

A daring collection of tracks, some from Gav's songwriting early years (Honesty Lost in Silence, I Know That, Im Not Gonna Cry), others are a dark shadow cast from characters featured in Over The Wall songs (Coatbridge 1967, King George), with an expected measure of social commentary (Give It Up, Burning Down, Square Mile, How Are Your Sleeping?).


01. King George
02. Give It Up
03. Burning Down
04. Honesty Lost in Silence
05. Square Mile
06. I Know That
07. Coatbridge, 1967
08. How Are You Sleeping?
09. Im Not Gonna Cry
10. Ae Fond Kiss